10 benefits of using WordPress for your small business website

Hello there! WordPress is a website that helps you create websites easily. It is simply the website of websites. Here are 10 benefits of using WordPress:

  • COST EFFECTIVE AND EASY TO USE: Yes, WordPress lets you create, design and feed your own website thereby cutting down the cost you are about to pay a website designed and an Internet service provider. It has a help section and customisable options that makes it easy for even a novice to create a beautiful professionally looking website.
  • DESIGN FLEXIBILITY AND CONSISTENCY: WordPress offers you a wide range of design options in addition to pre designed purchasable themes. You can either buy a theme to use it or you can create and customise your own theme. The power feature is the consistency of these themes. When you use a theme in WordPress as a part of creation of a particular website, no matter how many ever more pages you add, the theme design and settings continue unless and until you change it yourself.


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  • MULTI-SERVER USAGE:WordPress is an extremely mobile technology. You can use it from different devices rather than using only one server which adds to the complexity of the whole process. Every computer you use your WordPress website can be considered as a de-facto server.
  • BETTER TIME MANAGEMENT: WordPress helps you manage your time in creating and maintaining a website effectively. For example, if you have to upload several content at several points of time, you can actually schedule the uploading and it will be done automatically. You don’t need to pester a web designer for every full stop and comma.
  • ADAPTABILITY TOWARDS MODERNIZATION: When text blogging is mainstream old-school, WordPress actually allows users to be compatible with the changing technology, In addition to changing designs, users can upload photos, audios, videos and even GIFs to adapt to the changing trends.
  • EASY TO CREATE: You don’t need to work days or weeks to write HTML codes to get your website live. All you need is hours and minutes to create websites.
  • SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION: For any new website that goes live, it is an essential part so as to be found by the search engine robots. Only that marks the partial success of your website. With WordPress, you can contribute as much as you want and every time you add content, it gets indexed within a matter of hours in the search engines, so that your website will be visible in the search engine results easily.
  • IMPROVED SECURITY: Yes, you read that right, in contrary to a majority of allegations going on against the usage of plugins in WordPress. If you use the right developer, he/she can actually make the website hacking proof. Nevertheless, it has to be noted that even genuine website are vulnerable to hacking. Remember twitter and facebook accounts getting hacked?
  • COMMUNICATION WITH THE VISITORS: Although you can have a “Contact us” button on traditional websites, websites created with WordPress have the option to have comment boxes, so as to enable the visitors to comment and for the creators to reply making way for a 2-way engaging communication.
  • MULTI USER CAPABILITY: WordPress also allows more than a single user, when authorised, to use, edit, create, add or remove content and create websites explicitly. WordPress also includes allowing many users to be remotely working as a team to create a single website. Getting the developer feels, right? Head to wordpress.com right now.


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Building and managing a website is not an easy task. Nowadays, web designing plays a vital role in e-commerce, because it is a big source of earning online as well as offline. If you are going to start earning online through a website you need a professional web designer in order to make your website more responsive, so that customers are directly attracted toward your website and your business promotes upward.

There is a need of web designer for website logo, banner, icons, mobile apps, content management and landing page etc. There is a number of online spots where web designer posts their working capabilities and look projects according to their need but hiring a right person is really a serious problem.


If you hired a person before, you have enough experience to judge that you choose the right person or not. If you are going to hire a professional web designer for your website, we are here to tell you how to hire best web designer online.


While hiring a web designer for your website, you need to understand that what you are trying to do with your website. If you don’t know what you are going to do with your website you can’t select a right person for your website. While building a website, keep in mind two major components:

  • Website designing
  • Website Coding

Website designing and website coding are two different things, you can select a specialist to get your desired output, select web designer to design your website otherwise select someone else for the coding purposes. You can also select a generalist who can do both task, i.e. website designing and website coding.


After selecting the right web designer for your website, the next phase to determine whether the designer style matches the way you want to design your website? This is just like shopping for clothes, that some distinct option will catch your eyes more than others. If you want a professional web design, then it does not matter that the portfolio of that person looks like an old fashioned because professional web designer can build any type of web design you want.


You need to create a detailed job description in order to avoid delay, costly confusion and frustration. It is a time-consuming effort, but it is hundred times better than paying for something else you don’t want. You need to prepare a well-organized job description no doubt it takes a lot of your time, but it is better to avoid costly confusion in future.

While posting your job description, must include following things in your job description.

  • Include a design portrait
  • Include samples of design
  • Include the list of items you want to add to your website
  • State clearly which type of design you like or you don’t like
  • State the color scheme you like or you don’t like
  • Set the deadline (time duration) on which you need your project to be completed.

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The utmost importance of investing in good and brilliant web designing companies

A website has utmost importance for a business irrespective of its size. It helps a company to establish its credibility as a business. If a company does not have a website, it loses out on the potential to carry out future business. With changing times, people are becoming increasingly addicted towards the internet. Hence, when a company has its website, it is more likely that its stakeholders would research about it in the online world. In other words, it helps the company to create its online identity. Moreover, a website also gives the impression that the firm is successful and bigger than the actual picture. Many business experts are of the opinion that small business needs more online presence as compared to established companies. Small business organizations with websites will be more successful to attract potential stakeholders.


On an honest note, without the web, perhaps lots of modern inventions and creations would have been possible. In this context, we can say that websites are the cells of the large platform which we call the internet.It is also a known fact that to come up with an efficient and appealing website; one needs to hire a professional web designer. In this segment, you will check out why this need of investing in good web designing companies is essential.

Guidelines to select a good website design company:

Website design companies make the process of web designing a lot easier when a corporation consults them to develop their website. However, a company must be careful while selecting the right type of web design organization. Moreover, a great amount of stress should be laid on the internet designer. When a company employs an expert, they realize that their website will be made to suit their business. The network planner will assess the company’s business and items, and work with them their objective. Would you like to create online deals? Stroll in deals? Will your site be for informative purposes as it were? Once these and different inquiries are replied, your site will be intended to meet your particular needs. DIY site developers constrain the abilities of their site and frequently confine representation and content. An expert web expert is not hostage to these limitations.


A good web designing company is the hallmark for revenue friendliness:

It is important that a person from a company have a face to face interaction with the internet design company so that lot of details can be discussed. Moreover, while searching for a good web design company, the organizations have to lay more focus on the graphic designer. It is so because graphics form an important part of a website and is stronger than words. Moreover, the organizations have to select an experienced web design company who has designed websites for many businesses in the past. Moreover, a greater emphasis has to be laid on innovation. Innovation is important from the perspective of the organization that wants its website. Hence, the organization have to be on a lookout for those web design companies who have experienced and creative staff and can set a hallmark for the team’s success.

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